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  • 国家高新技术企业


    新材料 . 精密模具 . 精密注塑


    陈先生:159 1823 3433

    蔡先生:189 3319 0070

    唐小姐:135 9080 3061



    公司总台:   +86 750 3870300
    公司热线:    4006 2828 01

             黎小姐 +86 137 9072 5551
             李小姐 +86 760 2817 9410 



    COPYRIGHT ? 广东奇德新材料股份有限公司  |   粤ICP备05031611号  网站建设:中企动力  江门

    News Center 





    News Center





    Kitech’s big party for big kitech family! Part One





    A big party was held in Kitech today on Children’s day, we invite children and their parents to celebrate together, hoping to give them an unforgettable, profound memory!

    With the balloon and other decorative things, the party room appears particularly warm, full of the snacks, cakes, delicacies, look at the pictures,



    Wow, isn't it sweet?


    There are lots of presents for the children



     是否有被我们现场惊艳到?(*^__^*) ,奇德传递给家人的就是温馨,像家人一样的关心和爱护。



    Aye you surprised?(* ^ __ ^ *). Kitech wants to give the warm to every family, with care and love like a real family member.

    Today's party is specially prepared for our children. Of course, wish them have huge fun at this moment.

    Our intention to held the party is to leave the children and their parents good memories together, and learn to give and gain on the way of growth. Therefore, for children over 4 years old, Parents and with their children to participate in the game to exchange gifts, For children under 4 years old,we already prepared their own gifts. Children's innocence infected every audience at the party.







    Children and parents are standing in rows, getting to know each other and learning the rules of the game together. Look, How excited they are!

    Let's take a look at the happy party which filled with children's laughter.


    Shoot at the basket:




    Look at the hottest, the most difficult shot game, Children carry the basketball, across the starting line and shoot at the basket



    Floating Ping Pong


    Parents and their children blow the floating ping-pong ball to the bowls, they blowing and blowing, wish the ping-pong balls go into the bowls smoothly and quickly.



    Pick up the beans



    Definitely, The most difficult test for chopsticks, pick up beans, with the concentrated look on children’s face, we wish the beans can be more cooperation.



    Dress up to my parents






    The most touching game, dress up to my parents



    We have lovable clown at the party, they makes our children very happy whit a variety of balloons, it’s so cute that children loved it very much.



    Look at the photo of the big family! With happy faces, with happy gifts, with happy ending!




    Delicacy food time.


    With the mutual greetings and laughter, with the wine, the relationship between each other becomes more and more better. Creating such a loving working environment -- like a real family, live and work together, this is the love of the enterprise!





    A variety of drinks, snacks, this is only the preparation,

    We are looking forward to the opening of the Delicacy food festival





    家人们一起愉快的用餐环节,吃好、喝好、大家好!!Happy family dinner!






    1. 付出与收获。只有付出了,我们才会收获更多

    2. 孝道。孝道是中华的传统美德,从小学会孝顺自己的长辈


    During the dinner, chairman of the Kitech, Mr. Rao, played games with the children. Children call him uncle Rao, what a lovely and a happy dinner tonight!


    Children also learned a lot in this party, two important values in life.

    1. About give and gain. Only by giving, can we gain more

    2. Filial piety. Filial piety is the traditional virtue of China


    Inheritance of filial piety by tea-serving,





    Watching the children serve tea to their parents respectfully, saying "I love you" to their parents. At that moment, I saw the relief and touch in their parents' eyes, and I believe it was all worth it.

    A cup of tea, with a word I love you, is more than anything. This is our family!





    Look at how happy they are! Here have the happiness, trust and a firmly love! Follow our heart, with that moving, with our dream to "building a brilliant enterprise globally, create a prominent brand nationally", with love and responsibility, we always try our best to do it!


    Kitech Dream, Family Dream!

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